Death Notifications
Name Date Memorial
Regent Laframboise March 13, 2014
Jean “Johnny” Louisseize March 7, 2014
Jonathon Antler Paquette February 24, 2014
Pierre Vel Dec 24, 2015
Marc Greffe December  25, 2015
Gary Parks October 1 2016
Rupert “Red” Murphy November 25 2015
Richard Millaire May 31 2015


The Ironworker’s Prayer

Dear Lord, in your hands today
I place my life and the lives of
all fellow ironworkers everywhere.
Please guide our steps and hold our
hands as we go about the work
you’ve given us today. In Jesus’
name we pray.


Ironworkers Local 765

Have you ever wondered how skyscrapers, oh so high
Were built and put together? All these high rises to the sky.
Did you ever wonder how bridges came to be?
Who put them all together, for all to see.
It took architects, engineers and draftsmen by the score.
But union ironworkers were the ones with the dangerous chore.
They placed the girders high above, with water or land below.
They risk their lives upon the iron, but that is what they know.
Some people call them acrobats, performing way up high.
They’re also known by many as the cowboys of the sky.
They are all members of the union, so you know they are the best.
The jobs they do, or they have done, are much better than the rest.
So please always say a little prayer for those who work so high,
Remember, they have families, just like you and I.